Progression not Perfection

Health, Wealth & Baby

Hi my name is Bekah and I am a recovering perfection-olic. I used to strive for perfection in all areas of my life and continuously feel discouraged when I fell short. Unfortunately I was always let down because everyone knows there is no such thing as perfect! As I got older I realized striving for perfect is not only an unrealistic goal but it’s dangerous. Why? Because when I would not meet my goal of perfection, like most people I would throw the baby out with the bath water. Eventually I changed my goal from perfection to progression.

Recently I have come face to face with the old perfection complex.  I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and trying my best to eat healthy and take care of myself. The problem is the eating healthy thing is not going as well as planned.  I won’t go into detail but a lot and…

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