Watching telly

Did you ever see this:


That’s the technical difficulties picture you get on tv, when it’s a problem at the tv station end, and not your signal, or your electricity.  I think.


I love everything.  I love chocolate and bananas and toast and pasta with tomato sauce.  I like tingly feelings and blissfulness and blue skies with fluffy clouds and purple and yellow clouds.  I like it when I get bruises on my knees and grass stains and water.  I like tie dye and rag rugs and scones.  I love jam and movies and popcorn and pizza and playing cards and eating snacks and laughing.


I love the magic roundabout and Brian and Dougal and Florence and Zebbeddee and the lovely cow who’s name I forget.  Erminetrude.


Inspired by a post I just read called “We interrupt this story”

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