What am I reading?

Right now I’m reading a few different books, I like to have a lot so that I can switch around 🙂


First of all, I’m reading a book called Everything I never told you, by Celeste Ng!  Which is really interesting and absorbing, I’m nearly finished it.  Click here to see the book.


I am also reading daily instalments from a website called Violet’s Veg*an e-Comics, which has a whole load of my favourite comics on it, the current daily story is called The Rebel Gang and the Number Ciphers, which is a sort of spy mystery, very texture-rich and illustrative book, full of intrigue and curiosity.


I’m also reading Everyday Use by Alice Walker.  It’s a really interesting book about Alice Walker’s short writings, and her creative influences, African American women’s art, and culture, and the rich tapestry of it all.  It’s hard to describe, without quoting the descriptions of the book, but if you google it you’ll find more information 🙂


What are YOU reading?  Keep reading!




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