Some people I have noticed do not understand how to enjoy films.  Don’t point out when things are unrealistic.  It is not cool.

You’re not going with the movie if you are digging your claws into reality like your life depends on it.  You don’t need to point out everything like that.

“Like, no way could that tiny Mexican cowboy mouse out run an ostrich, and neither of them could out run a rocketship which is being driven by a coyote and a cat, who also, technically could not drive a rocket, let alone afford to pay the road tax. Gosh, you guys are so lucky I’m here to point these things out for you! You are all just fools wandering the Earth, aren’t you.” They seem to say.

You can tell they think they’re so clever, which is weird, because they’re so stupid for not understanding that this is all made up!

When we root for a character, we aren’t necessarily saying we want them to eat their dinner at our house once a week.

It doesn’t mean we would in real life agree with their principles or their actions or their behaviour.  You just have to go with it while the movie is on, because it’s fun!  It’s fantasy!  It’s escapism!  Let go of reality!

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