Babe, Nemo, Dory and Shawn

1995, BABE

A lot of people eat animals.  I don’t because I can’t separate Babe from bacon.  Or sausages or ham, for that matter.



And sheep, sheep are beautiful.  They play together, they play like dogs do.  They have families and children and aunts and grandparents.  They deserve love, and care.  When you eat lamb, you eat someone’s baby.


People eat beef burgers all the time, not to mention drinking milk, eating cheese and all the other dairy products.  But they don’t think about the beautiful and affectionate people they steal the milk from.  That baby calf is your beef burger, and your leather shoes.  That loving mother cow wants to keep her baby and feed him her milk.


I wouldn’t want to eat a person, like a chicken, because they are all people, they each have their own personalities – if you watch Chicken Run you will see how they each have a different personality.  In the movie Babe you can see how all the different animals can communicate and co operate with one another.


I don’t know how anyone can see a fish without seeing a person!  I would never eat a fish, because I love Dory, and Nemo, and his dad and all their friends.  They are great people!  You can’t eat a person.


And then there are lobsters – I can’t look at a lobster without thinking of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.  He’s amazing!  You can’t eat him.


That’s all for now!