Likes and don’t likes

I like chocolate

I like swimming

I like drawing, painting, sewing, knitting and gluing.

I like trees

I like rain

I like water

I like bubbles

I like clouds,

I like spaghetti and I like beans

I like pastry and jam

I like reading books

I like Star Wars

I like popcorn

I like going to the movies

I like drawing

I like taking a bath

I like looking out the window when it’s raining

I like everything like that.

And I like that making a list of things that I like

Helps me to forget about the things I don’t like.

Please don’t eat me

Don’t eat lambs.


Watch Cowspiracy, it is a  film which explains how eating meat is bad for the planet, causing human starvation and dead zones in oceans, deserts and deforestation.  It does not contain violent imagery or disturbing things.  It’s quite tame and even humorous.