Likes and don’t likes

I like chocolate

I like swimming

I like drawing, painting, sewing, knitting and gluing.

I like trees

I like rain

I like water

I like bubbles

I like clouds,

I like spaghetti and I like beans

I like pastry and jam

I like reading books

I like Star Wars

I like popcorn

I like going to the movies

I like drawing

I like taking a bath

I like looking out the window when it’s raining

I like everything like that.

And I like that making a list of things that I like

Helps me to forget about the things I don’t like.

I don’t think

I don’t think you dig where I’m coming from.

I don’t think I’m understood.

I don’t think people see what I’m saying,

They think they disagree,

Because they get the wrong end of the stick.

Why can’t people just understand,

That it is me who is completely right.

And then everyone would agree with me.

I’m not a poet, so this is not very good.

But it’s supposed to be funny, so laugh

And enjoy it.





Good things,

bad things,

I do them,

you do them,

we all do them.

To each other,

to different people.

It doesn’t matter,

because we are all

just shuffling along the immortal coil.

Or something.


Poem – a letter to you

I love you

I hate you.

I miss you.

You were so disappointing.

Utterly a joke.

So what was the point of all that?

What was the point of you?

And why do I wish you’d come crawling back?

I hate you, I hate you I hate you.

You didn’t deserve me.

Why didn’t you try harder to earn me?

I want someone to take me out of this world,

And to give me gifts,

To write me letters and miss me.

I need someone to look at me like maybe I’m magic.

And to hug me strongly, like they don’t want to let go.

Flowers 272