What am I reading?

Right now I’m reading a few different books, I like to have a lot so that I can switch around ūüôā


First of all, I’m reading a book called Everything I never told you, by Celeste Ng! ¬†Which is really interesting and absorbing, I’m nearly finished it. ¬†Click here to see the book.


I am also reading daily instalments from a website called Violet’s Veg*an e-Comics, which has a whole load of my favourite comics on it, the current daily story is called The Rebel Gang and the Number Ciphers, which is a sort of spy mystery, very texture-rich and illustrative book, full of intrigue and curiosity.


I’m also reading Everyday Use by Alice Walker. ¬†It’s a really interesting book about Alice Walker’s short writings, and her creative influences, African American women’s art, and culture, and the rich tapestry of it all. ¬†It’s hard to describe, without quoting the descriptions of the book, but if you google it you’ll find more information ūüôā


What are YOU reading?  Keep reading!




Likes and don’t likes

I like chocolate

I like swimming

I like drawing, painting, sewing, knitting and gluing.

I like trees

I like rain

I like water

I like bubbles

I like clouds,

I like spaghetti and I like beans

I like pastry and jam

I like reading books

I like Star Wars

I like popcorn

I like going to the movies

I like drawing

I like taking a bath

I like looking out the window when it’s raining

I like everything like that.

And I like that making a list of things that I like

Helps me to forget about the things I don’t like.

Babe, Nemo, Dory and Shawn

1995, BABE

A lot of people eat animals. ¬†I don’t because I can’t separate Babe from bacon. ¬†Or sausages or ham, for that matter.



And sheep, sheep are beautiful. ¬†They play together, they play like dogs do. ¬†They have families and children and aunts and grandparents. ¬†They deserve love, and care. ¬†When you eat lamb, you eat someone’s baby.


People eat beef burgers all the time, not to mention drinking milk, eating cheese and all the other dairy products. ¬†But they don’t think about the beautiful and affectionate people they steal the milk from. ¬†That baby calf is your beef burger, and your leather shoes. ¬†That loving mother cow wants to keep her baby and feed him her milk.


I wouldn’t want to eat a person, like a chicken, because they are all people, they each have their own personalities – if you watch Chicken Run you will see how they each have a different personality. ¬†In the movie Babe you can see how all the different animals can communicate and co operate with one another.


I don’t know how anyone can see a fish without seeing a person! ¬†I would never eat a fish, because I love Dory, and Nemo, and his dad and all their friends. ¬†They are great people! ¬†You can’t eat a person.


And then there are lobsters – I can’t look at a lobster without thinking of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. ¬†He’s amazing! ¬†You can’t eat him.


That’s all for now!

Fantastic Fairy Tales

This is a collection of fairy tales which are sparklingly fascinating and unique. ¬†With misting of the wisdom of fables and the magic of Grimm’s faery tales, and the magic of everyday life. ¬†For children of all ages.

They all can be found for free on this website: click here